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Synflex® Pets Reviews

September 1, 2009
Hi there,
I would like to give you a testimonial regarding the use of Syn-Flex for our fur kids.
About 5 years ago I took our Shiba-Inu Mix dog, Precious, into the vet because she was showing signs of pain in her hips and back legs. They took x-rays and determined that she had hip dysplasia and they recommended we take her to a surgeon in the San Diego area for possible hip dysplasia surgery. I did not want to put her through surgery, if at all possible and if there was anything out there that might help her with her pain. I went to the internet and found Syn-Flex for dogs and humans. I ordered it immediately and as soon as I received it started giving it to her and our other older dogs as they were showing some signs of stiffness and occasional pain in their joints. My husband and I had been taking glucosamine/chondrotin, in pill form, for quite some time and it really works, so I thought this has got to help her and our other dogs. She is doing beautifully on Syn-Flex and has not had surgery. It did not take too long to see great results. She has occasional flare ups, but we are able to work through these moments. Love your product and would highly recommend it for both pets and people.
Linda S.-Loma Linda, CA

June 1, 2010
My collie Missy was having a severe problem with her left back leg. After numerous x-rays and different medications to no avail she was losing her back end strength. Missy at that time was 4 yrs. old. I went searching on the internet looking for answers. This is when I first found D&D Enterprises selling the "Syn-Flex". I immediately placed an order. After 1 month Missy was back to running, jumping and wanting to play. This product is the best!
Joyce R. Columbus MI

September 17, 2010
Hi from "Down Under" In December 2008, we purchased a 12-pack of Syn-Flex for Pets & Humans. We gave the recommended dose once per day to our 10-year old Doberman girl. The results were quite remarkable; she walked much easier and got up from the floor with less effort. We have just placed another 12--pack order. After not being on the treatment for a short time, the decline in activity became very noticeable, with obvious difficulty standing, climbing stairs & walking. We are hoping for a return to much better pain relief/activity. Regards,
Shevill & Gaye M. Tasmania, Australia.

September 21, 2009
My 2yr old pit-bull Lexie was barely able to walk because of her back hips and legs. Only after a couple of weeks taking the Syn-flex she is running like she use to and playing with her brother and sisters and really back to the way she use to be before the trouble with her hips and legs. Thank you so much for this product!! It saved my dogs life. The shipping was VERY FAST and I will definitely be ordering again….This is my 2nd order!! Thanks again!!
Theresa L. Clover, South Carolina

May 6, 2010
I placed an order for 3 bottles of Synflex for Pets last Friday afternoon and received the order on Monday. I just wanted to thank you so much for sending out the order so promptly. We have been ordering from you for a while now and are always pleased with the service. We truly appreciate it (as does our 13 1/2 year old basset hound, Leroy). Thanks again! :-)
Lisa M. Nashua, NH

May 01, 2010
Hi, My name is Judith M. I have been ordering your product for several years now for my dogs. It is a FANTASTIC product! My shepard mix was having so much trouble getting up from her bed and my Bichon had a limp from arthritis in his shoulder, the vet wanted to put both of them on a very dangerous arthritis medication. But I did my research and found your site. And the rest is history. I started giving them Syn-Flex and it is amazing. It is a God send and I tell everyone about it!!
Judy M.

May 11, 2010
I purchase this for our kitty that is kinda getting old & was an orphan that lived lost & outside & showed up on our doorstep one day probably over 10+ years ago & started giving him Synflex about 3 yrs ago & has made a WORLD of difference for him ! We still aren't sure of his age but know he is oldish. My husband & I were nothing short of AMAZED of how much better he seemed to feel & was even racing around after his companion that is about 1.5 yrs old...we are stilled stunned on occasion watching them go at it occasionally ....& we know it is owed to Synflex! We have a neighbor at the end of our driveway that their daughter has a couple of relatively young German Shepherds that were abruptly plagued with back hip & leg problems (they are prone towards this I guess) so she spent $$$ at the vet for treatment until I told her about Synflex --she ordered some as well as her mother ( they were skeptical) for their German shepherd that is maybe 2 yrs old & the daughter was amazed in the noticeable difference in her dogs so she started giving it to her horses that were bothered with mobility problems...& they showed noticeable good differences too....so Synflex is just a GREAT product ! We all have thought that it was just them getting better on their own...but when we all see such an improvement for all of them, we can't assume they are recuperating on their own...it has to be the help of Synflex ! Thanks so much for your great product !
You know I'll be back...
Sue H. Greenville, Michigan

July 21, 2008
I received my order last Saturday and my dog, Mouse, a 7 year old Japanese Chin, is very finicky. For the last two months, she has not been herself. She has been much quieter and not as loving. One day when I reached down to pet her, she cried out as if she was in pain. The vet suggested I try giving her a pain pill and she acted much better. I did not want to keep her on that type of medication as there are too many side effects and it is only masking the problem. I tried giving her Glycoflex pills, but she refused them even when disguised in food. So I decided to look for a liquid form. I was surprised to find that the liquid is better absorbed and when I found your product, I ordered it right away. It arrived quicker than expected and I gave Mouse her first dose Saturday afternoon. Starting Sunday I gave her a dose in the morning and and at night, after I fed her. She LOVES it and looks forward to taking it, but best of all she is almost her old self. She is again getting on the furniture and spinning around before she goes out the door. This little dog is very special, she was born here on the morning of 9/11. I gave her to my best friend, who spoiled her to death. When she died four years ago, Mouse came back to me. I am so happy and have been telling everyone about the Synflex and your fast shipping.
Jaclyn H. New York

Thank you ever so much for your expedient reply calling me. I appreciate this very much.......and as I said, I'm so very pleased with the Syn-flex results with my Coton, Petey.
Lois B. Maryland

more kind words ...
I found out about SynFlex on a Goggle search for a beloved yellow lab who I share with my friend Dan. I live in WI – at that time Bailey was with Dan, his owner, in VA. You helped me ship it directly to VA so Dan could get Bailey started on it asap. Dan told a few people at work about it and I've since heard they were putting in group orders. I am happy hear they are all having such good results. Bailey is in WI right now and was able to hunt a bit and is walking pretty good these days.
Thanks again for the great service Aly!
Suzanne B
West Allis WI

My Dog Sandy ...
October 2, 2009
I have a golden retriever named Sandy. Sandy was born with a hip that didn't fully develop. She began to have problems on stairs and getting up when she was two years old. She was placed on glucosamine/chondroitin pills and that seemed to work well until she was five years old. Then the difficulty started all over again. They tried her on a medication which she had an adverse reaction to. She has now been on Synflex for two years and she has no problem on stairs, she can get up without any problem, and she walks four to five miles a day. She became a puppy again after being on Synflex. I recommend it to everyone I know who happens to mention that their dog has an arthritic problem.
Susan R. Salem NH

My Dog Stridor ...
January 09, 2010
Hi – My dog Stridor, a German Shepherd-Australian Shepherd mix, was born with severely malformed hip joints. We didn’t realize this until at the age of 6 he became extremely lame and unable to enjoy walking or playing because he’d developed severe osteoarthritis. I tried all sorts of supplements and knew glucosamine would be good for him. But none of the products I tried seemed to work. (And I tried a LOT of products.) I was reluctant to put such a young dog on pain killers or prednisone as these are simply not good for him. Luckily, I found Syn-Flex just doing a Google search, read about the product and testimonials and thought it certainly couldn’t hurt to try. What a difference it has made! We use the beef flavored Syn-Flex and double the dose because of his size, and he gets some with breakfast and some with dinner. I have noticed a great improvement in his walking and ability to get up and move. I thought I would have to put my guy to sleep because he was so unhappy and in such pain. Syn-Flex has given him the mobility he needs to enjoy being a dog again! And I have my friend back.
I have recommended Syn-Flex to all my friends. It is a terrific product.
Thank you!
Erich T. & Stridor
Columbia, TN

In Memory..

November 2, 2010

Just wanted to let you know we lost our dear Lizzie, basset hound, yesterday morning. She was a stray, but had three good years after we brought her home. She had to have back surgery and made good recovery, but the ability to walk alone finally came these past weeks. She was guesstimated to be about 13 years and may have had a stroke.
We just wanted to say thanks as the Syn-Flex seemed to help her continue a comfortable life these last three years. We really appreciated your prompt service and will use you again in the future when and if necessary.
Don & Brenda H
Hull, Texas

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