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Looking For The Best Liquid Glucosamine? Synflex Liquid Glucosamine Delivers Joint Pain Relief To People and Pets Because... Synflex WORKS!!

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Syn-flex for Pets

Synflex products for pets have been a leader in liquid glucosamine sales since early 2000. With over 1 million bottles sold worldwide, Synflex safely alleviates arthritis symptoms in people and pets. You really don't want your pet on veternarian drugs if you can avoid it.

Synflex reviews for pets, we love 'em'!

One of the nicest things we encounter selling Synflex for Pets are the testimonials and phone Billyconversations we have with pet owners. We love hearing how much Synflex has changed the life of their dearly loved pet. As pet lovers ourselves, it's heartwarming knowing that a dog or cat is not suffering from unnecessary joint pain. Synflex Liquid Glucosamine has found a wonderful niche for its product. Liquid glucosamine chondroitin for dogs, cats, and others suffering from joint disease, is a natural product. You can feel comfortable giving Synflex to your pet, safely, and without fear of any dangerous side effects. Remember to rescue a pet from your local shelter when you find you have a vacancy or perhaps room for just one more. You're saving a life!

Synflex for Pets Reviews

Synflex Original Pet and New Beef Flavored
Original Pet Ingredients Per 1/4 oz. Beef Flavored
1250 mg Glucosamine HCL & Glucosamine Sulfate 1500 mg
25 mg Chondroitin Sulfate 25 mg
8 mg Boswellin 8 mg
3 mg Yucca Powder 3 mg
5 mg Manganese (Ascorbate) 5 mg
1 mg Bromelain 1 mg
5 mg Vitamin C 0 mg
5 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acid 5 mg
1.67 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acid 1.67 mg
80 IU Vitamin A 80 UI
2 IU Vitamin E 2 UI

Synflex For Pets Dosing Chart
Pet Weight Total Doses Daily Dose
1-10 lbs. 256 Doses 1/4 tsp.-1ml
11-40 lbs. 128 Doses 1/2 tsp.-2ml
41-100 lbs. 64 Doses 3/4 tsp.-4ml
100 lbs. + 32 Doses 1/4 oz. -8ml

Arthritis in Dogs and Cats
Arthritis in cats and dogs is as common as it is in people. While they can’t verbally express their discomfort, you’ll easily notice when they begin to slow down and show difficulty in doing things they easily did in the past. Difficulty getting up, a slight limp, perhaps they won’t jump up on the couch anymore. Any changes in their ability to move around may be a sign of arthritis developing. Causes are commonly genetic or from injury to the affected joint. A common genetic disease is hip dysplasia. Number 1 GlucosamineJoint inflammation occurs when there are degenerative changes in malformed joints. Arthritis can also result from trauma, infection or immune-mediated disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

If you suspect your pet is showing signs of arthritis, a trip to your vet can verify this. Pain relief may come from prescribed NSAIDs, (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Rimadyl or Deramax. These drugs are strong and effective painkillers and work well as an anti-inflammatory agent , but they also bring a long list of possible side effects to the treatment. Gastrointestinal problems, such as hemorrhaging or even ulcers are possible. Cats have it even worse because of their unique physiology, which doesn't always respond well to medicines that benefit dogs and humans. Most NSAIDs such as aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve and ibuprofen are toxic to cats because the feline liver is unable to break down and process the chemicals.

Consequently, cats can't rid themselves of the toxic byproducts of those chemicals. A single dose of aspirin or another NSAIDS can be fatal to a cat.

"CATS & ASPIRIN": Cats and Dogs in general cannot tolerate salicylic acid products which includes white willow bark and wintergreen. Syn-flex 1500 for People has white willow bark and should not be given to cats. If you are buying for your pet, please buy Original Syn-flex, or New Beef Flavor Syn-flex for Pets.

Approximately 25-30% of family pets suffer from osteoarthritis and many family pets suffer from joint pain. The stiffness, pain and swelling in a pet with arthritis is really no different than what you as a human being would experience, except our pets lack the ability to communicate their pain. So pet's do what they can by being less playful, hiding away, becoming more aggressive or simply refusing to be as active as before. This is not your pet's fault. Many times, older pets that have slowed down have degenerated cartilage in their joints, leading to pain that can be eased with Syn-flex.


Our thanks to Tony B. of Bell Canyon Ca. for sharing a picture of his kids. Back problems are common in Dachshunds and Synflex is now a part of their daily diet.

All testimonials for Synflex for Pets sent to D and D Enterprises are kept on file. A special thanks to those who have shared their experience for others. All rights reserved.

Synflex For Pets Reviews

September 02, 2015
Syn-Flex Saved My Family Thousands of Dollars
We have a 6 year old chocolate Labrador that blew out one of her knees about a year ago.  After $3,000+ in Bella Miasurgery, she was getting along acceptably but not all that well.  Two months ago, she blew out the other knee and after a visit to the vet, it was suggested that surgery was needed on both knees.  That's right, surgery on the newly injured knee and then another on the old knee because it had not healed well.  We were looking at $5000+ of medical bills for her and I decided that we were not going to go through with it.  My father had mentioned syn-flex and how one of his friends was using it for his two Labradors with great success.  I ordered a couple of bottles and reduced my dog's diet so that she could drop a few pounds to help.  We carefully watched her for 6 weeks and did not allow her to jump on things or even run.

We took her back to the vet today for a check up and he absolutely could not believe how well she was doing.  Not only was the newly injured knee healing rapidly but the other knee, the one he suggested a 2nd surgery on, had healed up too.  We showed him the product and he was impressed.

From my family to yours, thank you.
The O'Brien Family
Katy, Texas

November 11, 2014
I have been using this product for myself as well as giving it to my 11 year old 100 lb. golden retriever. Your website says not to use it for pets. Why not? He's almost as big as me and he like the taste. I've been giving him the small dose on the bottle once daily.
Thanks, Gerri S.
Reply: Hi Gerri,
It's because the 1500 contains white willow bark (aspirin). Dogs can handle it, but it's toxic to cats. Instead of putting a warning on the label for cats, they just created another product for pets exclusively. Your golden must be a beauty!
Thanks for your order. Aly
Reply: Thank you. Good information. It doesn't seem to be causing Murphy problems but I'll be careful. Shot this photo this morning with his new buddy, a bona fide Canine Companion for Independence assistance dog. She's only 52 lbs. He's 101 lbs.
Gerri S. Mendocino CA

August 01, 2014
I have put off writing this review as it took me a while to get over Echo's has been two years. He was a beautiful big Great Pyrenees.When he started limping on a rear leg at 8 years of age, we thought he had hurt it jumping over the fence. So we started him on Synflex. He seemed to improve, but one day when I was grooming him, I felt a dreaded lump on his hip. The vet confirmed it was bone cancer. He advised us to love him until the end as he was very sure it had all ready spread to the lungs. We had lost another Pyr to bone cancer,so knew what we were dealing with. What was different was that we kept giving Echo the Synflex. He limped a little but never seemed to be in pain, his appetite was good until the very last day. The vet was amazed that he was moving so well given the size and placement of the tumor. I am convinced that the Synflex had a positive effect and made his last days easier.
Jaclyn H. Oxford, NY 

March 08, 2014
My success story: pets
At the age 10 our golden retriever Cody started having what we thought were hip problems. After many vet visits and X-rays we learned his 3 bottom vertebra were fused together causing a lot of pain and minimal movement. A result of excessive twisting in the air while playing fetch. At his age surgery wasn't an option. Without synflex we would have had to put him down. He is now 11.5 and I'm grateful someone recommended this stuff to us! It's amazing, no other words!
Shannon N T.
Pine City, Minnesota

March 06, 2014
My Boys
Just wanted to say what an awesome product you have. I foster and rescue so many of my fur babies have joint issues. I have 2 older guys, Cutter (yellow Lab 11 ½ ) and Titan (black Lab/Great Dane mix 11) that are still running and playing because of your supplement. I recommend Synflex to everyone and start all my dogs on it. Also pictured are Homer (red Redbone Coonhound, 6.5) and Angus (red Rhodesian Ridgeback, 1). 4 happy puppies and more to follow ( see attached pic ).
Thanks again,
Cindy D.
Hampstead, MD

November 4, 2013
I felt I just had to share a bit of my story too- its about myself and my big Newfoundland. 10 years ago I broke both my knees in a scuba diving accident, working as a commercial diver. I had hyper extended them, being knocked over forward with my legs blocked by rocks from the knee down.

I have been on crutches since that time. Celebrex was prescribed, the result was damage to my heart, from having an allergic reaction to it.
Seems like life was out to slap me down, when suddenly my Nephew and his wife were killed leaving 3 children orphaned. My husband and I took them in, even though we were in our 50s, the youngest was 1 year old.. Life had thrown us a HUGE curve. My biggest concern was with the little ones in my life, how could I begin to keep up with them with 2 messed up knees? Until I heard of Synflex, I was scared of trying ANYTHING after the horrific time on Celebrex... I never feared the future so much....

With my husband’s encouragement, I started the program. In 3 weeks I was walking without crutches, the first time in 5 years. Now I won’t mince around, there was still pain- but NOTHING like what it had been previously- I was able to function almost normally.

Then disaster struck again, our big Newfoundland girl broke a ramp climbing into a truck and fell 15 feet, tearing both her knees apart... Surgery and plates later, she was able to walk but it was painful for her in every way.. Until I started her on Synflex.. in a month, after we started, she was our bionic dog, trying to jump tall buildings in a single bound! ha ha.

This was 5 years ago. Today I have had both knees replaced and still on synflex and was out of the hospital in 4 days and home in that week. The doctors are amazed at my recovery, and I have FULL flex and extension on both legs- My dog, Taz is 11 years old and still going strong, with her bionic knees as well. Her Vet appointment last week was amazing as he said she has the health of a 8 year old newf. I look forward to the future so much!

Thank you my friends, for your continued sales and support. Getting mail to Dutch Harbor, Alaska is difficult, but YOUR product comes through the US mail and I get it within the week of order.
Your friends,
Jeanne and Tazzila the Newf.
Unalaska, AK

October 22, 2013
Great product!
I have been using Syn-flex now for a couple of years. My male German Shepherd has left hip dysplasia. Using the Syn-flex, has made a drastic improvement in his left rear leg. He now can run and play without having to lie down every few minutes. He is 4 years old and plays like he is still a puppy.
Also, I have a female German Shepherd who will be 7 years old in February of this year. She has recently been diagnosed with Spondylosis (bone spurs growing on the spine). She has been on the Syn-flex for 3 weeks now, and this product has given her a new life. Prior to the Synflex, she could barely walk or hold her head up. Her body was in so much stress, that she had the runs so many times. Now I can totally say, that she runs again after her balls and totally enjoys her outings again.
Great product! I use the Syn-flex original for pets.
Catherine L.
Woodland Hills, CA

August 22, 2013
Thank you for extending the life of the most wonderful animal I have ever owned!
Two years ago I started taking my sons 11 year old Border Collie "Oreo" to a large field to play Frisbee. (He joined the Army and wasn't around to give the much needed exercise required for this breed). This field was much larger than our side yard, so I could throw the Frisbee at a much greater distance. After about the 4th visit we noticed how sore he was the following day.

I found the site for D&D on Google and read the testimonials, so many testimonials. I am a very apprehensive person and finally decided for a few dollars it was worth trying based on the responses from so many people. The results were amazing. I can't remember how many doses he was given at our first go around, but results were pretty quick for me to continue.

What I can also tell you is after about a year he had been feeling and acting well enough, that I simply stopped giving it to him. Mistake. He wasn't able to get up one day, though no vocal discomfort from him to help us figure anything out. After a few weeks and a visit to Rose Hill Veterinary office we found out he had sponosis of the spine which is a swelling not allowing the receptors to work, for the brain to send signals to his hind end area. He was given a couple weeks treatment of Prednisone. He was up and walking after 3 days but he still wasn't quite himself.

It then dawned on me about the SynFlex and how effective it was earlier, I am sure for his arthritis. I started doses once again. My family thought Oreo was on his last legs back in October 2012 because of lack of mobility. I want to share with anyone reading this long winded story that I honestly feel SynFlex has played a huge role in Oreos turnaround. He is very much still with us and has been known to run after those Frisbees once again, maybe not the speed he had when he was 11 but regardless he is moving and moving well.

Thank you for extending the life of the most wonderful animal I have ever owned.
Sandy from Reynoldsburg, Ohio

June 22, 2013
Syn-flex saved my dogs life!
Just wanted to report about how grateful I am for Syn-flex. I have a senior dog that I took in when his human father had passed away. His name is Brutis, he weighs 95 pounds, and has really bad legs and joints. He's a mixed chow/australian sheppard and he is a sweetheart. He was getting to where he could not come up the steps to get back in the house anymore.

Brutis started to get depressed and I thought it might be time to let him go. We had tried everything and your Synflex was our last try at yet another joint healer claim. Well guess what? Yours worked!!! Within about a week and a half, he was getting up the steps and feeling frisky and playful again! I was so very happy and so is he. This was about two years ago and he is still going strong. He is overweight because he cannot walk for more than a half a block at a time, so he does not get the exercise he used to.

I have cut back on his food, but he weighs about the same as when I took him in. He does not seem to be in any pain as he did before Syn-flex, so I am very grateful for your product and recommend to all my animal friends. I work at a shelter and I let every customer know about Syn-flex that tells me they have an older dog with bad joints!
Thank you again for this wonderful product that saved my dogs life!!
Toni G. IL

June 07, 2013
"You've got to see the change in my dog to believe it."
I've had my Chesapeake on this product for at least 3 years now, none stop! She's 7 years old and was diagnosed with bridging spondiliosis 4 years ago... I was ready to put her down, until I found your product!

Today she's 110% back and has been acting like a much younger dog ever since..She went on to get her JH title through the AKC and has been impressing many people since then. This is a NEW dog from where she was 4 yrs. ago... Every person I meet and train with gets the same speech, "Put your pup on this product NOW"! It saved my dogs life, and it will certainly prolong the time you and your active dog spends together!!! I'm a true believer, This is the best product on the market today!!!
Dale O. NY

February 07, 2013
Quality Service
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. I can always contact you, and all calls are always returned. I see such a difference in my dog, Joy has been much better since using Syn-Flex.
Thanks so much.
Jackie, Philadelphia

February 01, 2013
Hi! I wanted to share my success story with you regarding Synflex for Pets. This is a picture of my two babies Roxie (L) and Angus (R). Roxie is a 3 year old Great Dane / Bull Mastiff mix and weighs about 110 lbs, and Angus is an English Mastiff who who weighs 240 lbs. and will be 9 years old on April 15. Angus has always been healthy, for which we are thankful, but in his older age, he has developed some arthritis in his left shoulder. He loves to go on walks and wrestle around with Roxie, but when he does, his arthritis flares up, causing him to limp. When we first noticed the limp, we researched various glucosamine supplements for pets, and we read some great reviews on Synflex, so we decided to try it.

I am very happy to say that Synflex has worked miracles for him! We give him ½ oz every morning with his breakfast, and after just a few weeks, the limp was gone. We will make Synflex part of his diet for the rest of his life, and we are so grateful that this product is on the market.
Janel B., Houston TX

January 09, 2013
My little dog has been on Synflex for several years now and even at age 15 with severe arthritis she is able to move fairly well and get around. I attribute a lot of that to your product. Best of all she loves it! Thank you!
Ann A., Phoenix, Arizona

October 23, 2012
Good Morning,
I ordered a bottle to help my 12 year old Husky, Chewbacca.
Boy, do I wish I had ordered it sooner, this stuff has worked a miracle. Yes, I thought it was a little expensive to begin with, but it is WELL WORTH the money.

It has shaved years off of him, and he is acting like his old self again. Yes, it took about 2 weeks to kick in but when it did, it changed Chewie back to his old self, he is enjoying life and his favorite past time “the daily walk”. He is even giving his new brother (a 1 year old Dobie) the business again, which I love to see!

Thanks so much for this product, I have been telling everyone how well it has worked for Chewbacca, and recommending it for their older pets.
Shirley B.

October 23, 2012
We've recently tried synflex for our 3yr old Labrador's bad hips, and have seen a fantastic change in her mobility. Even through winter, when she stretches like an old man, Polly was more active than we've seen her. Thoroughly recommend this product.
Erica M.

September 14, 2012
Love Synflex!
Thought we were going to lose our 9 year old lab, vet prescribed non steroidal type pain killers for his joint pain and stiffness. We knew this was not an answer, but the poor guy could almost not get up from a lying down position. In desperation one night I sought out alternatives on line and kept coming up with syn- flex. I read every review I could find. I decided to give it a try, ordered it after 10:00 at night and it was at my door the next day by 3:00 in the afternoon. I kid you not at I had a different dog within one week. He can get up, he can manage the stairs, but most of all he seems like his old self. I could tell he was giving up before, and now he is a guy with years left to enjoy.

Interesting note: I found another brand of liquid glucosamine at a pet boutique in my neighborhood and decided to give it a try. I compared the labels and the alternative had similar ingredients, maybe even more of some stuff. We tried it. Never again!!! Our poor guy started getting creaky again within a week of being on the bad new stuff. We got him back on his syn flex and will make sure he has it for as long as he needs it. He is doing so well and we are grateful for is wonderful product.
Theresa P., Carmel IN

July 30, 2012
My 8 year old Lab-Chow mix has been suffering with arthritis in his hips to the point where he scooted on the floor instead of walking. He loved going to the dog park but as soon as a dog would jump on his back he could barely stand up. So I only took him there when there were no other dogs. I would have to lift him in and out of the car with a towel to make it easier for him. The vet had him try some type of medication and after a week he just laid around and panted. The vet suggested an IV that was very costly or an operation. Financially I cannot afford it and I also do not trust medications for dogs. A lot of drugs make your dog worst that the disease.brandon

One night I was checking on the internet for a natural way to treat arthritis for dogs. I read the reviews about Syn-flex which were all positive. And for $25.00 with free shipping how could I go wrong? I also put my dog on Science Hill Diet Prescription R/W because he was about 15 lbs overweight and I knew the weight loss would help. Within the first week my dog Brandon was getting up and down at least 50% easier. After two weeks he was a new dog and was running through the pond and having a great time.

This is a true miracle! I thank God for this product because He led me to your web site! I told my friend Jennifer to try it for her dog that she noticed limping for several weeks. She sent me an e-mail and said she tried it and in just a few days her dog has not limped. I will tell her to write her own story next time I see her. (I have been using your product for over a year now!) I myself have RA and take weekly injections to keep me walking. I have been tempted to buy a bottle for me to try and see if it would help me too.
Tony D'Agostino, Tampa Fl

June 13, 2012
Praise report!
I just wanted to take the time to tell your company how grateful I am for your products. I have two dogs currently on the Synflex pet. They are both 9 years old and have been on dry glucosamine tablets for some time. The standard poodle (Nani) struggled with arthritis, even though we had her on a very high dose. As soon as we put her on Synflex we started to see the results. She was more active with less stiffness and pain than I have ever seen her! She even recovers from strenuous activities much faster than before! The toy poodle (Abigaile) has had luxating patellas since she was about 2 years old and they have gotten progressively worse through the years. Her knee caps are not even in socket anymore. She is on a much lower dosage of the Synflex that what she was on with the dry glucosamine and doing great! Both of my girls and I are eternally grateful for what you have done for them and will continue to buy your product! Thank you thank you thank you for creating Synflex!!
Nicole J.

May 24, 2012
Dear Folks at Syn-flex,
Just wanted to say how proud I am that I found this product. I have two Yorkies, one is four (Gracie Mae) and the other is six (Lamb Chop). Last year Gracie ruptured her cruciate ligament and had to have surgery to rebuild it. She developed arthritis in that leg and kinda of hobbles around. Lamb Chop's hips started "popping" out of place about the same time. Since we have been using Syn-flex Gracie has improved unbelievably and Lamb Chop's hips hardly ever "pop" out any more!!! This stuff is great!!!
Thank you,
C. Head
Wesson, MS

May 15, 2012
My name is Corine and I have a 9 yr old himalayan cat named Miso and a 9 yr old pug named Chloe. Miso has hip problems and screamed a lot in pain, Chloe has luxated patellas and has limped since she was 1. I cannot afford surgery so i put both of them on Synflex and both are doing great! I noticed a difference the same week we started. We are on our third bottle and both of them like it and are doing great!
Corine F.
Orlando FL

April 12, 2012
I appreciate the prompt response. I will keep and alert eye out for the order, as will my Golden who loves the results of Syn-Flex. He is like a puppy again and no signs of prior joint problems. I have recommended it to many friends. I will recommend D&D for their source as well.
Kim B. , Mexico
Ed. Note: This was given in response to an international order. We ship all packages USPS Priority, but International customs handling varies and is unpredictable. In general, plan on a 14 day delivery time. 7 to 10 days is not uncommon, but neither is 14-21 days.

March 17, 2012
Our dog has quit limping completely since we started giving her syn-flex for pets.
A great product!!
John & Vickie F.
Boardman, Oregon

March 1, 2012
awesome is the only word...
After a family tragedy, unbeknownst to us, "my brothers dogs (5) were left to grieve 3 months in the bad weather. Only 2 have survived the ordeal. Brutis (mixed chow) has suffered ever since not wanting to move around, lots of pain. I googled dog joint pain and your product came up. Thank You so much for sharing the success stories, I did not find any negative stories so I took a chance and the turn around on his health is awesome! He plays he runs and yes he lives a good life once again. I don't usually write reviews but if this will help someone else take that leap of faith then here it is!"
Pat S.
Springfield, IL

February 22, 2012
I just ordered my second time for my Miniature Poodle who had problems with his hips and back until I started giving him Syn-flex about 5 months ago. The vet had him on rimadyl which can cause other problems and wasn't really helping him that much. About a week after I started him on Syn-flex he has had absolutely NO Problems. A real miracle ....
Thanks so much ..... Wonderful product ....
Vern L. CA.

February 14, 2012
We have an 11 year old weimaraner who's name is Slater. His hips were getting bad to weimaranerwhere he did not want to go for long walks anymore. So we did some research and discovered Synflex, We ordered 2 bottles and before the first bottle was finished Slater started going for long walks and even has run at full speed on several occasions
He seems to be much happier with more tail wags. In the process of ordering 2 more bottles. Thanks to Synflex,
Rich & Sandi, Ohio

February 1, 2012
Syn.flex is awesome for what it has done for my dog. Sally walks straight with no pain and even jogs around and jumps off the bed !
Telling all my friends, passed on my spare bottle for them to try... Ordering more now.
Thank-you for a great product!

January 10, 2012
We adopted a 140 lb., 5 year old St. Bernard from the Humane Society. After a few months, he started limping badly. We took him to an Orthopedic veterinarian, and she diagnosed elbow dysplasia, his elbow bone had grown incorrectly as a puppy, and he now had terrible arthritis in the joint. We put him on two strong painkillers and took him to physical therapy, and he improved slightly. Then, we tried syn-flex. My vet said to give him a high dose, so we kept him on the starter dose. Two years later, he is now off all painkillers and walks without a limp at all. He runs and plays and seems very happy. We are so happy that Synflex has given him his life back.
Cheryl J.
Hubertus WI.

January 5, 2012
My Success Story...
Hi...just want to say this product is like a miracle in a bottle. My 15 year old dog has been confined to his bed most of the day in the past two years. The vet told me to put him to sleep but there was no way I would do that. Do you put old people to sleep because they have arthritis?
Instead, I searched the internet and found your company and ever since he's been taking it. He runs and gets up all day long now. Sometimes he acts like a puppy. I will continue to buy this until God takes him. Thank you for giving me my dog's life back.
Patti R.
Fayetteville NC

January 12, 2012
Editors note: We love pet stories and asked Patti for her dogs name so we could add it to her review. She was kind enough to share more of her pets story.
Hi... My dogs name is Lucky. We found him on the side of the road fifteen years ago almost dead. We rushed him to the hospital and saved his life. Several surgeries later he s doing great. We named him Lucky because of that. He's the most wonderful dog we've ever had. I hope more people order your s amazing.
Thank you..have a blessed day,

December 27, 2011
Our 7 year old lab Nemo is active, energetic and playful again without the pain and soreness that he experienced before we started him on Synflex! Thank you!
Jonathan M.

September 8, 2011
I have been using Synflex for my pets since Sept/09. I am very pleased with it. I have tried many other products, even some that were sold to me by my vet, and I decided to stick to Synflex.
Delma F. Ph.D
Ponce PR

September 2, 2011
Bought this (Original Synflex) for our dog that is 14 with bad arthritis and decided to try it myself and wow, what a difference this has made for my pain level as well as our dog.
Beverly S.
Kihei, Hawaii

June 03, 2011
Synflex has made a dramatic improvement in my American bulldogs hip, a.k.a. Max.
Jeff L. Effingham, Il.

May 15, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for the joint product for my German Shepherds. They love it and take it every day without fail. Both of them are walking much better now and in general look more energetic due to the additional vitamins they get from the Syn-Flex syrup.
I just wanted to say that I noticed the picture on he bottle is of people only. Is it possible that what I was sent is actually for people instead of the animals? I guess it really doesn't matter as long as it is working.
So much looking forward to hearing from you.
Marie-Ann from Sydney
Editors note. The Original Synflex for Pets formula, originally had a picture of pets on its label. It was removed after the mfg. added Synflex for Pets (beef flavored) to their product line. Original Synflex is still a customer favorite and is safe for people and pets. Just follow the weight chart to dose properly.

May 14, 2011
We have a small farm with 2 livestock guardian dogs. Our 2 year old female Great Pyrenees was hit by a slow moving truck, separating her hip joint. The vet said she was no longer going to be able to Great.Pyreneeslive and work on our 20 acre farm because of the severity of her injury. We tried moving her to my parents' backyard, but she was miserable. We decided to let her live out her life on our farm, knowing that when the pain was too much, we would have to euthanize her. Our hearts were broken. I decided to do some research of my own and found the Synflex for Pets. We decided to give it a try, and I am so glad we did! After a few months' time, her hip no longer clicked. She was running and playing with our male Pyre as if nothing had ever happened. Now it has been over a year since her injury and she appears to be as good as new. We now have both of our Pyres on the Synflex to prevent hip dysplasia which their large breed is prone to and to continue maintaining her hip.
Thank you, Synflex!!!
Melanie W.
Mt. Dora, FL

April 22, 2011
Thank you!
I just placed another order for Syn Flex for Pets.
Our Toots is 16 years old and has arthritis. She had been on prescription from the Vet but it didn't help.
We had to purchase a stroller as Toots could only walk half the distance of our walk. Then we put her in the stroller for the rest of the distance.
After having her on Syn Flex for 3 weeks Toots was able to walk the entire distance of our walk and we put the stroller away.
We are so pleased that Syn Flex has given such positive result for Toots!
The gentleman I spoke to today for the order was very, very helpful and interested in the results we have had with Toots.
Thanks for the great service.
Laurie John and Glenda R. for Toots
Bluffton, SC

March 29, 2011
I use your product for my I year old French Bull Dog.French Bull Dog She has a bad hip/knee, and was unable to use her leg for a short time every time she got up from lying down, she would just drag it for a while until the pain subsided, but since I've had her on your product her pain has gone, she is still not bending her leg fully when she squats, but she is no longer in pain from it which is great. So glad I found your product.
Geri R.
British Columbia

February 14, 2011
This stuff seems to be working pretty good on 'Beautiful', my 110 lb Shepherd mix.
Rymadol, Previcox, and Duramaxx just about killed ol' Beautiful. Horrible meds, just horrible! However, after just a week, Synflex got him up and going again. At least I don't have to haul him to his feet by a sling to get him up and about any more as he's getting up on his own now, and he's even 'fetching' (at a walk, but hey, that's a GREAT improvement!) his little canvas duck from a distance of about 15 feet.
Ironically enough, I'd had to dig a huge grave for Beautiful last month when it seemed he just wasn't going to get better, and I'd thought I'd have to have him put down, and then my husband died unexpectedly last week, so HIS ashes are going in Beautiful's grave tomorrow. I'm so glad I still have Beautiful around!
Ed. Note: For me, this was one of those “count your blessings” moments. I asked Liz for permission to publish the story of “Beautiful”.
“Of course you may use our story...we'd be quite honored, and I think Joe (husband) would like it as well, as during our 22 years together, we probably rescued and placed over three hundred dogs (all free stuff, never sold or charged for a dog.) We 'specialized' in getting the one's that were chained &/or abused, frightened, labeled as 'aggressive', or just too wild to catch (had been dumped on the side of the road too long), and just about all of them were the BIG breeds, mutts, etc. Sometimes we'd have to camp out for a few days on the side of the road to gain the dogs' confidence enough to get our hands on him/her.
Joe's in a happier place, out there on that Rainbow Bridge with all his buddies, I am sure.
Peace and Light,”
Liz G.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
"Saving one animal may not change the world, but it WILL change the world for that one animal and for the soul of the one saving."

February 07, 2011
Our Greyhound Ruby, was barely able to get up from the floor. She is 8 years old now and is a well decorated retired racer of 4 years. When she was 7, she slowly stopped running and was showing signs of arthritis in her left front leg. She developed a limp, especially for the first 5-10 steps after getting up. It got so bad that she could barely get out of bed.
I knew the vets answer would be to prescribe NSAID'S for about $100/mo.. so I did some research and decided to try Synflex. I'm glad I did. We started her Labor Day 2010 and within 30 days I could see some definite improvement. Within 60 days she was like a new dog. She now jumps out of bed, her limp is gone and she even has bursts of energy where she runs back and forth in the hall way like a puppy. I have never seen a supplement or vitamin work magic like this before. I am amazed. We will continue usage forever.
It worked so well for her that I am going to try it for myself. I am an 45 year old avid cyclist, skier, moto-crosser with prior ACL replacement surgery. My knees get tight and ache when pushed too much. I am anxious to see what it can do for me.
Andrew B.
Folsom, CA

January 07, 2011
Thank you for your product. Our 4 year old Sheltie has had hip dysplasia since a young pup and recently had been showing more signs of pain. We have just finished our first bottle of Syn-flex and we are seeing improvements everyday. He is off his pain meds and is able to run and play with our children everyday without laying down and having to take a rest.
Thank you!
Brett and Alecia M.
Brogue, Pa

November 29, 2010
Thank you so much for your wonderful product and fantastic service. My nine-year-old German shepherd, Rachel, is walking so much better since using your product. Every morning she eagerly looks forward to her "gravy"!!! She even chases cats and squirrels again! I am so grateful to see the sparkle return in her eyes, I have to believe your product has truly reduced her pain. Thank you for making life so much easier for my very best friend....
Nan S.
Alpharetta, Ga.

March 4, 2010
Synflex beef flavor has helped my 16 year old lab mix to be pain free. She used to pant excessively on Rimadyl, so I always wondered if she actually got any relief from it, or if it was in some way hurting her more than helping her. Since we switched her to Synflex, she is able to get up, lay down and tackle the stairs with much more ease. THANK YOU for making my baby feel better!
Markey P.
Hilton Head Island, SC

March 30, 2010
Great stuff!
My 12 year old Westie has been able to stop all her arthritis vet prescribed meds within 10 days of using Synflex for dogs! She can run and jump like a puppy now! I'm very thankful for such a great product!
Linda S.
Huntington, NY

July 5, 2010
Just thought I'd take a minute to share this with you.
Three years ago I purchased Tucker, a yellow British Lab, from a breeder who I selected after reading all about Labs and thought I was pretty well informed. Training Tuck for duck hunting was a lot of fun and the dog was so eager to learn that it was a joy to be out with him. I got him in June and did not hunt him that fall but did take him to deer camp with me where we worked on training when I came in from the field. Tuck was seven mos old and while training I noticed he started carrying his left leg a little. Thought he just hurt his foot or something but after we were home and he was still limping a little I took him to the Vet, this was December. Well, the Vet diagnosed him with severe hip dysplasia and said he probably wouldn't be walking in a year or so, I was devastated. You get real attached to a dog in seven mos of playin and trainin.
After getting a refund for Tuck and a very deep apology from the breeder and an offer for another dog, I decided to keep Tucker and see what we could do. This is when, after doing a lot of researching, Syn-Flex entered my life. Tucker is three now and I am sixty-three with bad knees. Yep, you guessed it, every night Tuck gets his and I get mine, same bottle. I’m very pleased with the results we have gotten with this product and recommend it highly, even to my Vet.
I still hunt with Tuck, although not real heavy, and I'm hopin he will still be gettin around as good as I am for a good many years to come.
Thanks for a great product.
Lee M.
Omaha NE

June 22, 2010
Dear D and D,
The order came today.
When I brought it in with the mail Toots and Suzie came running over. They sat side by side wagging their tails and Suzie licking her lips. They really knew there were treats for them.
Laurie, Glenda, Toots & Suzie

Synflex for Pets Reviews Page 2

The Synflex® Original for Pets Glucosamine & Chondroitin Formula

Our longest running pet product for osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia in pets.  The formula contains 1,250 mg. of the highest possible pharmaceutical quality liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and HCL, chondroitin sulfate, boswellin, yucca powder, manganese ascorbate, bromelain, vitamin C, omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, A, and C in a natural berry flavor.

Synflex® Beef Flavored Glucosamine Supplement for Pets 

Designed with an appealing beef flavor for your pet, along with a little extra Glucosamine. The formula contains 1,500 mg. of the highest possible pharmaceutical quality liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and HCL, chondroitin sulfate, boswellin, yucca powder, manganese ascorbate, bromelain, vitamin C, omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin A in a natural beef flavor.

Certified Ingredients Per 1/4 oz. of Syn-flex Original Formula for Pets:

  • 1,250 mg Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate 
  • 25 mg Chondroitin Sulfate
  • 5 mg Manganese (Ascorbate) 
  • 8 mg Boswellin 
  • 1 mg Bromelain
  • 3 mg Yucca Powder
  • 5 mg Vitamin C
  • 5 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acid 
  • 1.67 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acid 
  • 80 IU Vitamin A 2 IU Vitamin E

Certified Ingredients Per 1/4 oz. of Synflex Beef Flavored for Pets:

  • 1,500 mg Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate 
  • 25 mg Chondroitin Sulfate
  • 8 mg Boswellin 
  • 3 mg Yucca Powder
  • 5 mg Manganese (Ascorbate) 
  • 1 mg Bromelain
  • 5 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acid
  • 1.67 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acid 
  • 80 IU Vitamin A 2 IU Vitamin E